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Shima strives to provide guests with the ultimate Japanese cuisine

Renowned for its Teppanyaki, Shima also serves Shabu Shabu, Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura using only highest quality ingredients prepared by internationally trained chefs. Shima serves premium quality imported Australian beef, Wagyu beef, locally caught fish delivered fresh daily and local, grown vegetables alongside an extensive list of imported wines and delicious cocktails.

At Shima, we understand and appreciate the authentic Japanese cooking known as Teppanyaki, creating tasty dishes from the finest and freshest ingredients, prepared on large iron plates directly in front of our guests’ eyes. Our experienced chefs have mastered the art of entertaining guests through skilled moves and tricks while simultaneously delivering mouthwatering food, cooked to perfection.

Teppanyaki is a healthy style of Japanese cooking that places great emphasis on quality and consists of a wholesome balance of fresh fish, meat and vegetables. Teppanyaki focuses on the fresh ingredients themselves, avoiding drowning the meats and fish in sauces — on the contrary, our premium ingredients are cooked to the guests’ preferences and are accompanied by Shima’s homemade sauces in order to accentuate and complement the food rather than overpower it.

Our guests are given the choice of Teppanyaki, Shabu Shabu, Sushi, Sashimi or Tempura . For those in the mood for Shabu Shabu, Shima features comfortable seating to enjoy the traditional hot pot style cuisine. Shima serves delicious signature broths alongside fresh ingredients for guests to cook to their own liking.

At Shima, we place great importance on delivering the highest quality ingredients, prepared to the best flavoring at reasonable prices. We are eager to bring people together for fun and authentic Japanese cuisine with our own modern twist. We find it important to share our expertise with you, for you to enjoy amongst friends and family, big groups or small – Shima caters to everyone and strives to bring the best Japanese cuisine dining experience to its guests.

Shima features four Teppanyaki tables, ideal for big groups and also for smaller parties that can still enjoy their privacy. The restaurant is fully equipped with highly efficient exhausts to absorb fumes during the chef’s cooking in order to ensure guests are not distracted or bothered by any emission. For those in the mood for Shabu Shabu, Sushi, Sashimi or Tempura.  Shima comfortably accommodates _ in the general seating area.

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Whether you are enjoying a romantic night out, dining out with friends or having a family dinner with your children taking advantage of our special catering for children, Shima is the ideal place in Bali to be entertained while enjoying outstanding food and drinks, served by a friendly and experienced team.

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